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Construction near UHS Johnson City Announced

August 20, 2020 / Alain Jacon / News, Prehospital

Alternate Traffic Patterns to be put into place on Baldwin Street

August 24 – September 22

Beginning at approximately 7:00am on Monday, August 24, contractors at UHS Wilson Medical Center will begin excavating portions of Baldwin Street, in order to run electrical conduit under the road.

This excavation of the street will be conducted in two phases. Each phase will involve the closure of either the northbound or southbound side of Baldwin Street from the Emergency Department Ambulance Driveway, south toward the Baldwin Street Entrance. 

Each phase is anticipated to last 7-10 days, with the full duration for the project being 4 weeks.

EMS will be permitted to approach the Emergency Department from either direction (north or south) at all times during the project.

Temporary traffic lights will be put into place in order to direct traffic in both directions on the unaffected side of the street.

Concrete barriers and flashing lights will be in place surrounding the work zone.

All work is weather dependent.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact:

The UHS Security staff through the

UHS Wilson Medical Center Hospital Operator

(607) 763-6000.


William J. Loller, RN, AEMT-CC, CLNC

UHS EMS/Medevac Program Manager

(607) 221-9927

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