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“HEARTSafe” is a accreditation that can be earned by schools, organizations, workplaces and communities throughout the Susquehanna EMS Region.  The region consists of Broome County, Chenango County and Tioga County.  Accreditation is awarded for two years to communities that meet or exceed specific requirements with regard to CPR certification, AED placement and health awareness.  

The goals of HEARTSafe Communities are to improve community health and awareness, encourage PAD programs, increase survivability from out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest, enhance the recognition of cardiovascular emergencies, and improve overall health within the community.

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Southern Tier HEARTSafe Communities is a partnership between the Broome County Health Department, UHS, Lourdes, Susquehanna Regional EMS Council, Inc., Broome County Office of Emergency Services, Union Volunteer Emergency Squad, Inc,. and the American Heart Association.