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Paid Work Opportunity at COVID-19 Testing Site

October 14, 2020 / Alain Jacon / Jobs

From Raymond Serowik:

We have immediate openings for EMS providers, at the EMT level and above, to serve (on a rotating basis) as both samplers (who obtain swab samples from test subjects), and testers (who perform the actual rapid COVID test using the Abbott IDNow rapid testing system) at our County-operated mobile testing site (currently located on the west side of the City of Binghamton). If you are interested in participating in this work at this time, PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING AT YOUR VERY EARLIEST OPPORTUNITY:

  • Indicate to me your availability to perform this work over the next two weeks, including all days and hours available (this will be a M – F operation, at least at the outset).
  • Sign onto the NYS Vital Signs Academy site (if you do not already have an account, you can quickly create one at no cost),  and complete the NYS COVID-19 Sampling course (you will find this under “course catalog”, and should select “add this to My Courses”, at which time you can begin the course). This will take about 1.5 hours, including videos and answering questions, for which we will pay you after you have begun working for us. Please send me the PDF of your completion certificate as an email attachment.
  • View the Abbott IDNow instrument training YouTube video.
  • Review the Broome Mobile PCR Testing Plan.
  • I you have NOT already been working for Broome County Emergency Services and receiving payment for it as a vendor, we will need to add you to our approved vendor list. Please fill out the following three forms, as completely as you can, sign where indicated, and return to me at you EARLIEST OPPORTUNITY (scanning and emailing them would be preferred):

 Duties of the EMS Provider COVID sampler/tester may also include providing immediate EMS care at the BLS level, should the need arise at the mobile testing site. Please see the preliminary operating plan (attached as PDF file) for more details.

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