Who We Are

The Susquehanna Regional EMS Council, Inc. (SREMS) was authorized in 1993 by the New York State Department of Health Bureau of EMS to provide contracted coordination of the Emergency Medical Services programs within Broome, Tioga and Chenango Counties.

Specifically, SREMS covers one of the 18 regions in New York State. SREMS is responsible to report to the NYS DOH Bureau of EMS, coordinate EMS programs, and make determinations of public need for additional EMS services in the region. Additionally, SREMS is responsible for facilitating quality improvement of EMS care within its region, staffing the Regional Emergency Medicine Advisory Committee (REMAC), providing prehospital education programs and other activities to support and facilitate the regional EMS systems.

SREMS is supported by REMAC. The REMAC develops policies, procedures and triage, treatment and transportation protocols to reflect the needs of the region, however all policies, procedures, and protocols are consistent with the standards of the SEMAC (State Emergency Medical Advisory Committee). The REMAC also approves physicians, to provide on-line medical control, coordinate the regional medical control systems and participate in quality improvement activities.

SREMS DOH Structure

Funding comes from two NYS DOH contracts. The first contract and grant are for the Regional EMS Council (REMSCO). The REMSCO is the Public authority defined by NYS PHL: 3003. The second contract and grant are for the Program Agency. The Program Agency is the day to day administrative component of SREMS and carryout additional DOH contracted duties under NYS PHL: 3003-a.

Mission Statement:

To plan, administer and carry out Article 30 of the Public Health Law and regulations that pertain to the coordination of the Emergency Medical Services within the Region.

Strategic Plan

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